Caja was taught English at a very young age by a wonderful lady who was very keen on Droomtijdperfect pronunciation. This instilled an appreciation for words and sounds in her that lasts to this day. Caja loves the English language, especially while telling stories, as it lends itself so beautifully to paint her magical images.

Caja works together with STET The English Theatre, offering her stories at the Royal Theatre of The Hague, at schools throughout the Netherlands and to people at home, for those special events that mark our lives. Book Caja’s Storytelling Shows with STET either through De Cultuurschakel (Den Haag) or directly via STET.


Let your pupils experience the sheer magic of Caja’s stories: travelling to lands far away or to a time long ago. Each show is a compilation of short stories waiting to be told.

Stories help us to stretch our imagination and broaden our horizons. We learn about the kind of person we want to be. Listening to a story together is a shared experience that forms the base of skills like empathy, dreaming about your future and thinking out-of-the-box. In the middle of a day spent learning with our head, we take a breath and learn with our heart. So let’s allow our imagination to flow!

Caja’s Magical Storytelling Programme (Cultuurschakel) is created for prescholers and grades 1 + 2. For story programmes created for older children, or for a more tailor-made approach, please contact Dóra Szikra at STET – The English Theatre directly.

A Selkie Story (2+)

Foto: Eveline van Egdom

A Selkie Story (2+) – Join storyteller Caja van der Poel on a journey into the cold waters of the Atlantic and meet a most magical creature: a Selkie. Watch in wonder as the seal transforms into a mythical maiden, and listen, as her story unfolds. (app. 30 minutes)

To book this show for your school or classroom please contact Dóra Szikra at STET – The English Theatre. Other wise contact Caja directly.

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